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Super low cost
The water purifier capable of reducing both initial cost and running cost




















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cartridge Having
the high-performance filter!




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Saving money

The comparison between “Longlife water purifier” and mineral water/water server
if you continue to use them longitudinally.

Longlife water purifier cartridge does not have to be replaced for about 3 years!
It is more economical than buying mineral water and so on.





Comparison between the safety of water!

The quality of tap water in Japan is legally prescribed called Waterworks Law.
Tap water which passed the Water Quality Testing (51 items) is supplied to each house,
On the other hand, mineral water is required to examine water quality (43 items) once a year.
18 items are legally prescribed called Food Sanitation Act.

In comparison with these examination items, it is said that tap water is higher quality than mineral water.


Tap water in Japan keep safe by examining many items.
"Longlife water purifier" make its tap water clean further.
Generated water with “Longlife water purifier” is safety and tasty water and can also use milk for a baby.




Male(the 40s)

Tastes great and reasonable price!

I have a cup of coffee after work.
Generated water with this water purifier makes coffee tasty.
Highly recommended!



Female(the 40s)

Long-life cartridge!

One I used before was troublesome to replace a cartridge. But this water purifier has a long life and high quality. I like it!


Female(the 30s)

Should have wanted this before!

This is what I wanted before. I like all such as a lifetime, cost, size and tastes. I’m gonna use this longer!


Frequently asked questions

Why does it tastes better by using water purifiers?
The main cause of bad taste is chlorine smell. Longlife water purifier can keep minerals, and only remove impurities such as residual chlorine contained in tap water. Three kinds of natural ores(granite porphyry, tourmaline, iouseki) contained in our filter make tasty water.
What does "Longlife water purifier" remove?
It can remove Residual chlorine, CAT, 2-MIB, Soluble lead, Total trihalomethane and so on.
※It can remove 17 items in total, but 40,000L is only Residual Chlorine.
Is it necessary to exchange consumable items such as a filter?
We definitely recommend it to use hygienically.
Is there any problems if I use hot water?
You can use hot water up to 50℃.

cartridge Having
the high-performance filter!





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※Orders made by 3PM will be shipped the same day. (Except on weekends and holidays)

Consumable Items

Replacement cartridge


[ Price ]
18,000 yen
(exclusive of tax)

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Hose (1m×2)


[ Price ]
3,800 yen
(exclusive of tax)

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exclusive of tax


[ Price ]
6,800 yen
(exclusive of tax)

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Microcartridge set


[ Price ]
4,800 yen
(exclusive of tax)

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[ Price ]
1,200 yen
(exclusive of tax)

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Safety notes
  • Please read the manual carefully before using.
  • If red water comes out, do not be flowed into this.
  • Please use clean water after being discharged more than 2 minutes every morning.
  • Can not use this if drinking water quality standards of tap water do not be met.
  • Can not use this by connecting to a water pipe directly.
  • This is not a medical instrument and medical device.
  • Each value in this page is measured value, not a guarantee value.
  • Design and specifications may change without prior notice.
Purification capability
Item Filter flow rate Total amount
Residual Chlorine 3ℓ/min. 40,000ℓ
  • Standards for drinking water quality in Japan.
  • Water flow test was conducted based on JISS3201.
    (JIS = Japanese Industrial Standard)
  • It also can remove following substances, but 40,000L is only Residual Chlorine.
    〇Residual Chlorine 40,000ℓ
    〇Tetrachloroethylene 36,000ℓ
    〇CAT 33,300ℓ
    〇Trichloroethylene 30,000ℓ
    〇2-MIB 24,500ℓ
    〇Geosmin 23,500ℓ
    〇Benzene 23,500ℓ
    〇Phenol 19,000ℓ
    〇Soluble lead 11,000ℓ
    〇Bromoform 7,500ℓ
    〇Dibromochloromethane 5,300ℓ
    〇Bromodichloromethane 4,200ℓ
    〇cis and trans-1,2-
     Dichloroethylene 3,800ℓ
    〇Anionic surfactant 2,800ℓ
    〇Total trihalomethane 2,800ℓ
    〇Chloroform 2,500ℓ
    〇Turbidity 2,000ℓ